Sunday, June 27, 2010

It been a long time since i have blog...

Looking back... I oready a year 2 soldier... 1 more year to go before i got out of NS... This 2 years... I jus been doing things i dun really like... So i could say i nvr put in the effort i can... Cause nth i do interest mi... But wit the NDP performance coming up, my motivation actually increase... To many of the Grp B ppl, maybe tis is a waste of time... But to mi... It is smth i can get NS and other stuff off my mind... Putting my heart n soul into the performance...

Mood tonitez: Feel veri sianz n down...

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

It been 2 months plus since we tgt... Many new experience many memories... Decide to blog smth here so tat i can rmb the date...

1st hold hand - 17 Feb 10
1st hug - 28 feb 10
We become couple on 01 Mar 10 0005
1st kiss - 16 Apr 10
1st meeting of parents - 31 Apr 10
1st date - 3 May 10 ( Iron Man 2 Movie wit her)
***Special Date*** - 8 May 10

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, it a sunday again... Book in day...

Life been usual with NS... Weekend is always the same thing i look forward to... This time with her by my side... Things seem sweeter... Suddenly find out gg to lose contact wit many secondary school n poly frends... Hope one day can meet up wit them...

Labour day is coming... Haha... U noe wat i mean...

Another big even for NS is National day parade... Will be performer ya... Burn my every weekend ... Sianz... Hope this 2 years can be fast forward... Or skips all the way to end of the year... So tat i can prepare my Uni stuff and learn driving...

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

It is a new beginning since 010310 0005... A new road that our relation is gg to...

The story begin on 27 nitez n 28 morning when we have a short tiff... but we come to a conclusion, humans r selfish... we onli look at our scarfice yet forgetin how much the other party have been working hard... That nitez on 28 feb, i see her home... When reach under her house... I hug her... One time i hug a gal... She hug mi back in return... Even though it is jus a small hug... but the feeling is fulfilling... After i gt back home... We talk to each other...

Jun: Hmmmm so r we considered couple le?
Ping: My collegue say u r my boyfrend leh.. u say lehz?
Jun: so meaning now u my galfren i you boyfrend ?
Ping: Ya.

Tat how we get together... 010310 0005... A road that ended the 5 years walk but wit a new road many new obstacles ahead... A pair hand that held together n decide to walk down the road braving the obstacles finding a road that belong to both of them... Maybe one person may fall down during the walk maybe one of them is sick or injured to continue... But the other party will nvr put down his/her hand n instead carry the sick n continue walking... Tat my promise to u...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Due to special request... Let talk for some of the questions as following

- How i feel when wit her (As per requested)
- How i feel when i first hold her hand.... Ehhh jus few hours ago
- My plan for the next few months

How i feel when wit her?

Well... I dun consider it a perfect as life is about up and down... Same go to love... There is always be sweet happy moment and bitter sad moments.. Coming a long way since 5 years ago ( Sec 4 till nw), route wasnt easy for mi... People who noe mi shld noe... Nevertheless life is interesting been wit her... She took away my sadness my anger esp when i in NS... My NS life wasnt very good compared to others... She is the one who stand there for mi been my pillar of support making mi held on n continue walking the NS period... I noe it was tough for her too when i couldnt acc her... Many of the times... She was alone when she need mi due to outfield or live firing... Sometimes weekend get burnt too... Esp the coming weeks... She turn mi into a guy who wan to work for the future... I want to study hard work hard... To make a better life for her next time... Talk big onli right? After NS i will chiong... Nevertheless.... I really appreciate the time been wit her... Even it is jus seeing her to work or home... Hope one day we will be able to go out....

How i feel when i first hold her hand ?

Wahaha... 17 feb 10 around 0947, we were at Compass point (Seeing her to work)... For many times, i couldnt hold her hand... Cause i jus cant find the right timing n right mood to first begin to hold her hand... People usually tell mi " Jus grab onli la" Maybe i no courage? I oso dunno... But at 0947 today, we were talking talking... Her right hand brushes past my left hand 2 times... (I admit i was shy but dunno y tat day i pick the courage... Maybe is ytd nitez wat she say ba..) I slowly grab onto her hand... Tang tang... Done ! She nvr push away my hand unlike few years ago in poly 1... Yes !!!! She remain talking wit mi... I was so happy... We stroll around the Cold Storage looking at tibits chocolates etc... She oso pull my along when she catch her attention on something... After awhile she decide she will be the one the open the shop... So i decide to help her pull up the metal door... Then i found out i nt tall enough (Eh.... Veri paiseh lo) But luckily she gt the tool so WE use it to push it up... First time we do thing together... Okay i noe i been crazy but it an achievement to mi since 5 years till nw... Haha...

My plan for the next few months

Lastly my plan for next months... GG to have confinment week soon... This sat onward till 5 March or 12 Mar... I hope is 5 march la... confinment damn sianz de... HP Batt oso dunno can last hw long... After tat is Jac celebration... From end of march will be a hectic ATEC stage 1... Till end of april... Then is her birthday.... (Presents decided le but hope can have chance for jus 2 of us to celebrate togther) After her birthday... Jiu is preparation for NDP... God bless mi be marshall pls pls... K la... The last event is the even hectic ATEC stage 2 at Walabi (Dunno hw to spell ) at Australia.. After the ATEC i jiu start learn hw to drive ( get a class 3 license) Like tat i can drive her around when i gt car while she relax n gain back her slp... Dun need make her walk around... Tat all for the plan till aug...

Confinment week here i go... ! Gross ! Stupid confinment !

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